Welcome To The Lenalogy !

Step Aside From Society’s Definition of beauty

Confidence through the beauty of our natural crown! The Lenalogy shares a passion of empowering black woman to stand out and reclaim their natural crowns. Stand in your truth and together we can step aside from the society’s definition of beauty.

Join me in this Ultimate goal to have our #melaninpopping and exhale #blackgirlmagic by encouraging women to accept and rock their natural hair.

Reclaim your crown !

I decided to be a part of #teamnatural about 6 years ago, after 5 years of struggling with relaxed and damaged hair I finally decided try something new. In these 6 years I really learnt how to communicate with my hair and know what it needs. After trials and tribulations I am helping black women achieve long healthy hair.

Why return to natural ?

First time trying Chebe

Hola Queens, Last post was a beginner friendly explanation to Chebe – which you can access here. I kept seeing chebe powder everywhere – instagram, youtube, facebook and even here on wordpress. I kept seeing it so much I decided to do further research into these herbs. Everything about Chebe sounded good to me and […]

Introduction to Chebe

Hola Queens ( oh how i missed saying that ), I have been trying different things with my hair in the month of July. I think there is so many methods and different treatments from different parts of the world. Have you heard of Chebe Powder before? Have you been curious about trying Chebe? Want […]

My 5 favourite Shampoos

Hola Queens, Since being Natural, I have tried many different shampoos, some that I loved straight away, other I hated straight away & a few that I loved initially and then was a nightmare for my hair. I think all of us naturalistas have had shampoos that stayed in the bathroom for the longest time […]

I’m never doing the rubber band method !

Hola Queens, How are you beautiful Queens & Kings (we welcome every)?? It has been about 2 weeks since my last post, & I gotta say life got busy. I have been missing blogging so much, I have only had this blog up for 6 weeks and I have missed writing, interacting with the Queens. […]

Cleansing your hair

Hola Queens, In the next few post we will be exploring the topic of cleansing your hair, I will be addressing some of your concerns when it comes to properly cleansing your hair. Why should you cleanse your hair? On my last post I’ve mention that our skin produces sebum & depending on a few […]

We let our hair do the talking !

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