Hello and Welcome to The Lenalogy.

I decided to start this blog as I have learnt a lot in my natural hair journey, learnt about my hair, products and most importantly how to communicate with my hair and feed it what it needs.

I am very passionate about natural hair and during family meeting or friends get-together the topic of natural hair and femininity would always come about. These conversations would often turn into mini-consultations where I would share my knowledge when it came to tips, products and solutions for their hair dilemmas.

I am a big advocate for Do It Yourself and Self-Care, so naturally I found myself researching for information on everything, making different concoctions and always wanting to test it not only on myself but on my close family members. I thrive on knowing what works for different hair types and porosity. So i found myself constantly asking people what their thoughts were on methods and products I loved or hated .

Thanks to the natural hair movement, we have more information out there however whilst I was researching for information recently I found the information to be quite overwhelming and confusing for total beginners.. and ta-da TheLenalogy was created.

I want to provide simple easy to digest information which anyone can follow and achieve healthy hair. You don’t need to have a costly regimen for your hair to be a beautiful crown, as long as you understand what it needs and you are consistent with it – You’ll achieve success !

I will kindly ask you to share this with any friends and family who you think might benefit from this blog.

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