The beginners guide to your hair type

knowing your hair type will have you feeling stress free

Your hairstyles never come out exactly as the tutorial you watched? Probably the answer to the problem is figuring out your hair type and its components.

Learning your hair type is the very first step to finding the products that work for your hair and what methods you could use to achieve the different styles to have an effective hair regimen giving you all your hair goals.

Your hair consists of 3 different components: the texture, the structure and the porosity. These are crucial to know in order to have an effective hair regimen and it will also save your coin sis. No more buying products that do not work for us!

This looks simple, but when you have to actually look at your hair and figure out which one works for you, it ends up being harder than you thought as the hair chart puts you in individual hair type, however what do you do when you can spot more than one texture on your hair?

Once you learn your hair type, and all its components you will be understand what your natural hair is capable of doing, such as holding curls, creating volume or even having that body and more importantly what products you can use to achieve growth, retention or just a style.  These are necessary steps if you want to take better care for your hair.

Hair Type (briefly)

The 3 different curl types are types 2 which are wavy (loose curls), types 3 which are curly (defined loops) and types 4 which are coily & kinky (y tight and zigzag curls).

There are sub-sections to their which goes from A-C which shows how elongated the curls are. Before I explain hair type is important to know the Structure, Density and Porosity of hair as all these 3 makes up your hair, not just the type. I believe the components are frequently overlooked or just skipped completely. But these are even more important than knowing your hair type.

Next few post I will be breaking down hair type chart by Structure, Density and Porosity.

Share this with anyone struggling with their hair, struggling with products and keeps buying new products.

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