Beginners Guide To Hair Porosity


Porosity is your hair’s ability to absorb and retain moisture. I never understood porosity as all the tests left me as confused as I started. I see it being discussed more often than before and it’s important to know how porous your hair is as it can help knowing methods that would work for your hair and what kind of products you should be using on your hair.

 There are 3 types of porosity low, medium and high.

Low Porosity means your hair does not absorb moisture easily, and the cuticle of the hair closes faster. This because the cuticle lays flat causing it to block any moisture from being absorbed. Products just end up sitting on top of the hair and creating build-up.

I recommend when washing the hair do not use cold water as it will close the cuticle, instead rinse with hot water and apply products while the hair is still damp to ensure the hair can absorb it.

Medium Porosity means the hair is well-balanced and the pores operated “normally”, it’s the ideal porosity type as its not in either end of the spectrum. It takes the correct amount of moisture. It does not require a high maintenance and can hold styles effortlessly.

Damage: Normal hair is prone to less damage

High Porosity has tears and gaps around the cuticle which causes it to release moisture at a high rate, making it dry and brittle. High porosity hair absorbs water/ moisture too quickly, I recommend using thick/moisturising leave-ins, Pre-poo with Aloe Vera & Deep Condition with every wash which will give your hair extra moisture and seal the cuticle.

Damage: High porosity is more prone to damage as it can easily absorb the bad chemicals. The hair is never hydrated enough so frequent hydration is needed.

Porosity Test

The most common test is using a cup of room temperature water and a strand of hair.

Leave the strand on top of the cup,

  • if it stays on top you have low porosity.
  • if it sinks to the bottom you have high porosity,
  • its it stays in the middle then you have medium porosity

I didn’t want to just talk about the hair type chart as many people just focus on that instead of learning all about it. Structure, Density and Porosity are very important if you want to fully understand your hair type, the styles and products limitations. Next post i will be breaking down hair type chart.

Share this with anyone struggling with their hair, struggling with products and keeps buying new products.

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