What is Pre-poo?

Hey Queens,

Does shampoo make your hair dry and rough? Do you have to use a lot more conditioner to soften and detangle your hair from the harsh shampoo? Well, meet Pre-poo. Pre-poo will save your strands, save your coin, will save you time, will save water – It’s the best thing since sliced bread !

What is Pre-Poo?

Pre-poo is a conditioning treatment before your shampoo, hence the name comes from Pre-Shampoo. Shampoo’s are harsh and even moisturising shampoo can strip moisture and natural oils leaving the hair in its most vulnerable state, if you do not use a good conditioner/deep conditioner it may lead your hair to breakage, shedding and dry/ brittle hair. If your hair is naturally dry and brittle I recommend doing Pre-Poo every time you wash your hair.

Pre-poo acts like a protective layer by moisturising the hair before the shampoo, it allows the shampoo to cleanse the hair but it does not leave the hair weak and vulnerable.

What is the benefits of Pre-Poo?

Moisture Retention

Curls and Kinks need to stay moisturised, specially if you have High Porosity Hair or Thick/Coarse hair. Pre-poo adds extra moisture to the locks ensuring their stay moisturised through the whole wash day process. Pre-poo can also restore lost moisture during the week or due to damage such as bleaching, dye or heat.

Easy Detangle

By Applying Pre-Poo, it will allow your strands to soften making it easier to detangle. I find it easier to detangle as I am applying the Pre-poo as my hair is softer and causes less breakage as opposed to detangling after shampoo when your hair is sensitive and prone to tangles and knots.

Softer & Healthier Strands

Since I started Pre-poo, my 4C, thick, high porosity hair has been softer than ever. My hair has been looking the healthiest ever. There’s a natural shine with my hair, my hair is retaining moisture much better and I find myself not needing to moisture as much during the week. My scalp used to be flaky after a few days of washing and after Pre-pooing 3 times I have not experienced flaky scalp.

I have noticed that my dyed brown ends have been more vibrant not as opposed to a month ago where they were dull and my ends were very dry.

Boosts the Conditioner

Do you finish your conditioner faster than your shampoo? By Pre-pooing, your has already been detangled and moisturised therefore you would not need to use as much conditioner as you usually do. I usually wash my hair in twists and that really helps the moisture to stay in. Let’s be real, a good conditioner is ££ and if I can save that coin sis, I will.

Also, often times we use the conditioner as we want to retain all the benefits, pre-pooing actually helps boost the effectiveness of the conditioner your using leaving your strands even softer and stronger than before.

Saving Time & Water

We keep it real in this blog, I used to spend almost 2 hours getting through all sections of my hair, and the water bill would add up sis, by Pre-Pooing, I spend about 20 minutes washing my hair resulting in wasting less water and having more time to spend doing whatever you’d like.

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Next post I’ll be talking about different methods of Pre-poo and my Ultimate Pre-poo process that never fails me.

See you soon Queens ❤ !

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