Why is important to know your scalp type?

Hola Queens,

On my last post we went through the scalp types and their characteristics. But how do we properly take care of our scalp type? There are 3 main reasons why it is important to know your scalp type:

  1. What shampoo to use

Do you ever get confused on which shampoo to buy, not knowing if you need a strengthening or moisturising shampoo ? Or have you ever notice how some shampoos can make your hair so stiff & hard to manage? Well, buying the wrong shampoo can be costly to the scalp & could be making your hair problem even worse. Here’s what I recommend for the different scalp types:

  • Oily scalp – an oil control shampoo could make the total difference for this hair type. Use a clarifying shampoo & Apple Cider Vinegar rinse once a month is necessary for this hair type. Make sure to use conditioner only on your hair and not on your scalp.
  • Dry scalp – a gentle, hydrating shampoo free of Sulfate & Parabens is your best friend. Infuse some oil into your shampoo to make it more moisturising. Co-washing might be your best friend. I opt for a moisturising shampoo instead of co-washing – I need my scalp to be completely cleannnn !
  • Combination – oil & product build up could irritate your scalp, so oil control shampoo such as a clarifying shampoo which also soothes is your best bet.
  • Normal Scalp – you can get away with everything. I would recommend switching shampoos every now and then & go for Ph balanced shampoos

It is important to read the label of shampoos to know the ingredients. Ensuring there are no parabens or sulfate as an ingredient of the shampoo.

2. Products your scalp & hair like

Knowing which products your scalp can handle such as oils & scalp moisturising or strength.

Jamaican Black Castor Oil is very thick and dry types would appreciate whereas Jojoba oil is very light, and normal scalp types could benefit from it. Oily types could also benefit from it but I would recommend a butter mix rather than just oils. Knowing which oils works for your hair & your scalp is as important as knowing which ones to stay away from.

I have dry scalp hence why I oil my scalp every other day & I moisturise my hair scalp with leave in other days

3. Lifestyle awareness

I’m sure you have heard people saying ” I drunk a lot of water water & my hair grew ” or ” i’ve made change to my diet & my hair has been thriving” & you probably thought ” yeah right “. I don’t necessarily think its just them being healthy or a change of diet or drinking more water alone. Implementing a good nutrition & lifestyle + a good hair regimen will have your hair & scalp thriving.

I have always heard for dry scalp I should drink water – girrrrllll, I have been drinking 2 litres of water everyday for the past 8-10 years& nothing had changed so I had to change my diet, & whenever I have a healthy diet – I can see changes to my skin, nails, hair & my scalp.

What health approach should you have for your scalp types:?

Oily Scalp – Reduce the amount of processed foods you eat, and maintain a healthy diet low in sugars and carbohydrate.

Dry Scalp – Ensure you are drinking enough water & maintaining a healthy diet. Exercise often.

Normal Scalp – What you are doing is working, I advise you to continue doing what you doing.


Understanding your scalp & hair needs, will help you get the best out of your hair regimen, out of your products and your coin. Hair care is not only the products that you put in your hair. But your overall lifestyle & dietary choices can affect your hair & be working against your hair goals.

Thank you for reaching the end of this post Queens. I have a few questions for you all:

  • Do you massage your scalp regularly?
  • Would you like me to recommend shampoos for each scalp type?
  • Do use more fresh produce on your hair or do your eat it ??

Adios Queens ❤

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