Deep Conditioner – Beginner Haircare

Heey Queens and Kings,

How has march been treating you? I realised I havent been posting on here as often but I have been posting on Instagram and have had a lot of fun. I post more often on there specially on my stories where I show my weekly washday routine/ style.

Deep conditioners? Everyone hears about deep conditioners but not everyone sees the importance of it or knows how to deep condition effectively for their hair type. Well that’s why Im Here !

What is a deep conditioner?

A conditioner is usually a light moisturiser that replenishes the moisture back into the hair and you rinse it off. A deep conditioner has thicker ingredients, and is left for a period of time and this penetrates deeply into the hair shaft to increase moisture, hydration, shine and overall hair health. Think of a deep conditioner is a mask, think of it like a mask you use on your face – although you moisturise your skin everyday, there is definetely a boost in moisture when you use a facial mask, and thats exactly what it does to the hair.

When do I use a deep conditioner?

Firstly you should schedule it for EVERY SINGLE TIME you wash your hair. Why? Because during the week you use different products and manipulate your hair, and the hair becomes fragile therefore its important that we deep condition in order to prevent breakage, dryness and protect against extreme weather, or high manipulation styles. If you had a look at the hair regimen example post (click here), you should alter between moisture and protein to have a balanced hair.

How do I use a deep conditioner?

First things first, you have to read the label, it will say the amount of time recommended to keep the DC or best ways to boost it. You will section your hair into 4-6 parts, and section by section you will apply it with your fingers and finger detangle until knot-free and focus the product on your ends, then you will twist that section and move on to the next section.

When all the sections are done, you should put a plastic cap covering all the hair and cover that with a hooded drier or alternatively you can use wrap towel or an old t-shirt over the plastic cap which increases the heat and allows the DC to penetrate even deeper on the hair.

tip #1: I like to double up on the cap, so I use a plastic cap and a plastic bag, if I leave it overnight.

tip #2: Use heat with a hooded dryer or heated cap if you are in a rush, 10-15 minutes will be enough.

What deep conditioner should I use?

When I first went natural, I tested different deep conditioners by buying the cheap options first and seeing how it works on my hair. Sometimes the cheaper deep conditioner turns out better than a more expensive one.

My recommendation, start by using a normal conditioner that works for your hair and simply add olive oil, coconut oil and honey and leave it on your hair for 30minutes to 1 hour & watch your hair be soft, silky and shiny.

Theres only a few deep conditioner that I can use without adding anything to it, my hair is extremely dry so I have to add oils, banana, avocado but if your hair lacks protein and is constantly breaking add 1 egg to your condioner or deep conditioner and some oil and you’re good to go.

Long hair on a budget baby !

Well loves, I hope you like this post, you’d be surprise how many people actually message me about deep conditioning or have no idea what I be showing on my page. During the week I’ll be posting a video on my instagram on how I prepare and apply my Deep Conditioner, so look out for it. Let me know you came from my blog.

Hope you have a good week, remember Sundays are for relaxing, deep conditioning and doing some self care !

Welcome back Queens!

Hey Queens ( hope yall missed me, cos I was dying to get back)

Honestly, I didn’t mean be MIA for this long, but it became one of those things that went from one week to one month, and then I was just finding excuses not to blog which really was my anxiety kicking in, as I was afraid to come back. I have to be honest with you. The Lenalogy is a place I’ve created to write about whatever I wanted to, it was my safe space to write about anything and it was about overcoming my anxiety and just going for what I want.

What has been going on in my life?

  1. I got a new job which took all my time and changed my routine, It became really hard to manage my time effectively, I did not have time to workout, to make my smoothies, and as you know I did not have time to be active on social media or wordpress.

2. I moved out of my moms apartment, YAY. I’m so excited and happy about this, but I finally got my first apartment and I am loving it. Furniture shopping is stressful, very stressful but I want to post a few tips and share my experience so far and give updates of my home, is this something that you would be interested?

3. This lockdown & trying to remain positive with everything going around me, and the changes. From not being able to go out, during my favourite time of the year which is Christmas to having weekly C19 testing at my workplace but also being worried about my family and friends. It has not been easy for neither of us. I was very demotivated to do anything, but finally I have dedicated time to doing what makes me happy.

4. My hair has been struggling with all these changes in my life, it was dry and brittle and honestly it was lifeless. But now we are in this journey together to try all the hair remedies, diy and tips and tricks to beautiful moisturised hair.

Future plans

I created this blog to be about everything and anything that makes me Me! I really want to post more things than just natural hair in here. I hope you guys enjoy it.

I want to take the time to thank you, for still following me here and not giving up on me. Thank you Queens. ❤

Let’s oil our scalp, moisturise our skin and prioritise happiness all 2021, sis !

I’m never doing the rubber band method !

Hola Queens,

How are you beautiful Queens & Kings (we welcome every)?? It has been about 2 weeks since my last post, & I gotta say life got busy. I have been missing blogging so much, I have only had this blog up for 6 weeks and I have missed writing, interacting with the Queens.

Today I want to tell you about my most recent experience with Rubber bands & putting my hair in tight styles and the outcome of it.

During these 2 weeks that I did not log into WordPress I was undergoing a lot of stress which started off with me spending over 8 hours to do Shoulder length Passion Twists. I watched about 10 videos giving out tutorials on how to make this hairstyle & everyone kept saying it took them 2-4 hours & it is the easiest style for beginners, since I wanted to try something new with my hair and I knew I was going to be busy I decided to put my hair in a protective style. I had to use the rubber band method, in order to keep the parts as neat as possible. Through this experience I learned that my hair does not like rubber bands, not for long periods of time.

Rubber bands provides a tight grip to the hair which is really good for a neat look, but it pulls too hard on the hair, and if you are not removing correctly it can cause major breakage, I removed it by simply grabbing a part of the rubber band and putting a finger through it and ensure there is not any hair on that part, and cutting it with scissors. I did not have much breakage during the take down process. I got more breakage from just laying down as the rubber bands were too tight & it was uncomfortable. Just laying my head down would hurt, I felt like my hair was ripping off my head.

My hair was under a lot of stress as you could see. On the first night I had to get up in the middle of the night and apply my oil mix and gently massaging it into my hair & that helped a little but I continued Oiling my scalp twice a day for the first 4 days and massaging for around 10 minutes.

On the second morning when I woke up, I realised I had an ongoing pain on certain parts of my hair, on the last row on the back on my hair and the sides around my ears it was completely sore, and painful whenever I moved or touched it. I had blisters on my scalp. I quickly began my search on how to fix this problem – I did not have time to remove my Passion Twists and do a treatment on my hair due to work & other responsibilities I was committed to.

I ended up making a little mixture with coconut oil, castor oil, my DIY aloe vera oil, rosemary + tea tree + lavender essential oils. I also would add aloe vera gel directly on the blisters & sores. This saved my scalp. I also removed the 4 twists on my hair, 2 on each side (the ones around the perimeter of my head next to my ear) and I tried re-twisting it with the rubber band again but looser than I originally had done but my hair was not having it so I just ended up twisting it just with my hair.

Keep in mind before I installed these twists, I did a full treatment on both my hair & scalp with an Aloe Vera Prepoo & Rice water after shampooing and conditioning + creme of nature honey mask which my hair loves. My hair was nourished & moisturised as I was putting it away in this protective style, so I know the fault was on the rubber bands. I also applied olive oil to the rubber bands so they would not tug on my hair as much – that clearly did help.

The sores went away 2 days after that, and I was sleeping peacefully & I kept nourishing my hair through the 2 weeks I had this hairstyle for.

Now Queens I want to know if this has ever happened to you? Have you ever had blisters due to tight hair styling? If so, what remedies do you use on your scalp to soothe your scalp? Hope you enjoyed this post

I do not what to stay away from blogging like I have. I will have more content coming up for you.

Adios beautiful Queens ❤

this is a little video of me the same day I had done my passion twists. The calm before the storm

Day 1: Setting goals for natural hair

Hola Queens,

For day one of the #selfcarechallenge created by me, we need to set up a hair goal, I’m sure you already have your own hair goals but this should be a short-term that fits into your long-term goal.

There are many factors that play into successful goals and how to set and reach them. I recommend breaking the Month of July into 5 weeks and set your hair regimen for each week and ensuring you do something to contribute to your hair goals. For example if you want your hair to grow that means your ultimate goal is Long Hair, to achieve that you should set short terms goals such as keeping protective styles and low manipulations styles for 1-2 weeks and just moisturising it. Low manipulations hairstyles can take a long time and it requires patience but you can do it.

If you have a goal of reducing shedding perhaps you could commit 4 weeks to a method and see if it works, you could try Tea Rinses and Rice Water and see if the shedding is reduced.

For this month I want to create DIY hair mask for every wash day, I deep condition every time I wash my hair as I find it works best for my hair otherwise my hair is super dry and rough. I will post about the mask I’ll do. I usually alternate between a nourishing mask, moisturising and strengthening mask. My ultimate goal is healthy hair & growth , and my hair is the healthiest when is nourished from inside out. Proper Hydration is imperative for hair growth and length retention.

Let me know what your hair goal for the month is, remember to keep it realistic and do not put too much pressure on yourself. I recommend getting a journal where you can document your journey – your frustrations, your small achievements and products who work and do not work .

Remember to tag me in any of your selfies or #selfcarechallenge check using @thelenalogy on instagram.

Let’s all work together and motivate each other.