Welcome back Queens!

Hey Queens ( hope yall missed me, cos I was dying to get back)

Honestly, I didn’t mean be MIA for this long, but it became one of those things that went from one week to one month, and then I was just finding excuses not to blog which really was my anxiety kicking in, as I was afraid to come back. I have to be honest with you. The Lenalogy is a place I’ve created to write about whatever I wanted to, it was my safe space to write about anything and it was about overcoming my anxiety and just going for what I want.

What has been going on in my life?

  1. I got a new job which took all my time and changed my routine, It became really hard to manage my time effectively, I did not have time to workout, to make my smoothies, and as you know I did not have time to be active on social media or wordpress.

2. I moved out of my moms apartment, YAY. I’m so excited and happy about this, but I finally got my first apartment and I am loving it. Furniture shopping is stressful, very stressful but I want to post a few tips and share my experience so far and give updates of my home, is this something that you would be interested?

3. This lockdown & trying to remain positive with everything going around me, and the changes. From not being able to go out, during my favourite time of the year which is Christmas to having weekly C19 testing at my workplace but also being worried about my family and friends. It has not been easy for neither of us. I was very demotivated to do anything, but finally I have dedicated time to doing what makes me happy.

4. My hair has been struggling with all these changes in my life, it was dry and brittle and honestly it was lifeless. But now we are in this journey together to try all the hair remedies, diy and tips and tricks to beautiful moisturised hair.

Future plans

I created this blog to be about everything and anything that makes me Me! I really want to post more things than just natural hair in here. I hope you guys enjoy it.

I want to take the time to thank you, for still following me here and not giving up on me. Thank you Queens. ❤

Let’s oil our scalp, moisturise our skin and prioritise happiness all 2021, sis !


Heyy Queens,

Often times when I speak to someone about natural hair or I get questions, people are either confused about their hair type or the only thing they know about their hair is what type it is. . This post will help you find out your hair type and all you need to know about achieving your hair goals once and for all.

What is Hair Type?

Hair Type is a system where you can identify your curl type, its based on the diameter and tightness of the curl. It was created by Andre Walker known to be Oprah’s hairdresser, made to be easier to identify the curl pattern and how it behaves when it comes to styles, and products. Personally I think its a easier way to speak explain what curl pattern you have, specially if you have more than one curl type, by using the Hair type system ” I have 4C in the middle, and 4A in the back and 4B in the front and sides ” rather than ” its tight kinky curls in the middle, kinky curls with a little frizz in the back, and frizzy zigzag coils in the front and sides” although you can understand it, its harder to visualise it.

Andre Walker Hair Typing System
LOIS Hair Typing System

There are 3 curly hair types which are 2(wavy), 3(curly) and 4(coil/kinky). Under those categories, there are sub-categories which range from A to C which refer to how tight the curls pattern is – A being looser than C.

I prefer the LOIS Hair Types which came after the Andre Walker Hair Typing Chart and focuses on curly hair types making it easier identify curl types by also volume and frizz.

Is knowing your hair type important?

Important? No! The Purpose of hair typing is to make it easier to identify products and methods that would work for the hair in order to make it easier for each category to achieve their hair goals – but its not its true reflection. However, it does make it easier in conversation and when speaking about the curl type. Although it is good to know your curl pattern, it doesn’t tell you much other than what it actually is, the type of curl you have.

What is Important ?

Hair type tells you nothing about how to manage your hair, if you want to know such information I recommend you to learning about Hair Structure, Density and Most importantly Hair Porosity. These will ultimately tell you what exactly works for you hair and what to stay away from.

Bottom Line

The journey to effective communicating with your hair, and knowing what it needs its not easy at all. Too many people focus on hair type and still struggle with their hair, because how porous your hair is has nothing to do with hair type but it will tell you what products work for your hair.

You want healthier, longer hair with beautiful bouncy, defined curls or a lot of volume on your hair, learning about Porosity and Structure will lead you to products but even then you will still have to experiment with products and methods to find those that work the best for your hair. It is a tedious task but don’t give up. and sort to easier ways. It took me long to know what my hair needed and the products it likes, but I figured it out and so can you.

If you need any help, you can contact me on instagram @thelenalogy and I can help you with your hair dilemmas.